I have worked with my body since I started taking dance classes as a 10 year old girl. Year after year I trained my body so it could do what my mind wanted and making the “ desired perfect motions”. I am trained as a classical and modern dancer.  Soon I realised that classical ballet was to restricting for my body and mind, and started a career as a modern dancer. Then, I added another dimension in my dance career by flying through air. Using my rock climbing skills as a kick-starter and ended up being able to fly through the air and run up walls. For many years I  flew around the world as an aerial artist, enjoying this spirit of being free and agile as a bird;  De La Guarda 


I believe that the body and mind work on a subconscious level together. And when I felt it was time to move on and away from my own physical career I started to broaden my horizon. I enrolled into art school, learning more about translating my thoughts and  interests into other dimensions. Wanting and willing to evoke emotions, not from an activist point of view but out of emotions and out of movement. I delve into details and do not shy away from depth. I like to do this with a quirky spirit and some sense of lightness. Not there to please but there to take you along in my search.

In my current work, I focus on details of transience. Playing with time, accessibility and inaccessibility. I like to zoom in on the imperfectness of the bodily motions. Being intensively surrounded by moving  bodies for years, I have created a trained eye for immediate notion of an unusual movement. Wanting to discover and to get to know this movement, where it comes from and where it goes to. I continue to capture and collect these motions in an archive. Mixing this with physical animalistic aspects.

Working from my archive full of lost and found movements, creating drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances and video’s. Important qualities that can been seen in my work are modesty and humor. I like to use materials with a soul, sometimes playing with the knowledge and nostalgia from the past. Taxidermy is a recent skill I am adding into my work, as a timekeeper of motions and bodies.

The awareness of “the movement in the movement” is something I used to have as a dancer. And this still plays a key role in my daily art practice.