2017-23   Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, reception.


2017        PMI Show Kraftwerk BatlleROYAL Berlin, Germany

                 (Aerial rigging)


2016        100 Jahhr BMW Show BattleROYAL Munchen, Germany

                 (Rigger, Aerial Acts}


2016        Come Together, Theatrekonsert BattleROYAL Copenhagen, Denmark

                 Rigger, stagehand, ass aerial acts


2013/14   Beethoven, Theatrekonsert BattleROYAL Stavanger, Norway

                  Aerial Rigger, Captain Aerial acts


2012        Eurosongfestival, Chrystal Hall Frontline ZFX Europe Baku, Azerbeidjan

                 Creative Aerial Director


                 Hey Jude Theatrekonsert BattleROYAL Copenhagen, Denmark                                          

                 Rigger, stagehand ass. aerial acts


2011         Theatre acts (Festival)

                 Kim Brulee and the Flying Pan’s Touring Europe

                 Creative/Artistic director


2010         Theatre acts (festival)

                  Kim Brulee and the Flying Pan'’s Touring Europe

                  Creative/Artistic director


                  Royal Wedding Frontline ZFX,Dubai, UEA

                  Rigging operator ass.


2009        Mutau Madrilena, sport event Frontline ZFX, Madrid, Spain

                  Aerial choreography, training


2008         Wicked, Musical ZFX USA Melbourne, Australia

                   Aerial choreography/training


2007         Gerard Joling Concerts Frontline ZFX, Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL

                  Aerial wristloop performance


                  Frans Bauer Concerts Frontline ZFX, Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL

                  Aerial performances


                  Wicked, Musical ZFX USA LA, USA

                  Aerial training, Choreography


2006         Dancing on Ice, TV Show Frontline ZFX, NL, Slovakia,Turkey

                   Aerial training, Choreography


2005          Villa Villa De La Guarda Sao Paolo, Brasil

                    Aerial Show


                    Samsung TV Commercial Frontline ZFX, Amsterdam,NL

                    Aerial Stunts


2003/04   Villa Villa De La Guarda Touring Asia, Israel

                    Aerial Show


2002-03    Villa Villa De La Guarda Berlin, Germany

                    Aerial Show


2002          Villa Villa De La Guarda Amsterdam,NL

                    Aerial Show


                   Musicals in Ahoy Frontline ZFX, Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL

                   Aerial advise, Performance


2001          Volkswagen Show Munich, Germany

                   Aerial performance


                    The Package Shusaku Takeuchi Moscow, Russia



1999-01      Villa Villa De La Guarda London, las Vegas

                     Aerial show


1998-99     The Package Shusaku Takeuchi NL, Germany

                     Dance -Theatre


                    Oeral ,Sushaku Takaeuchi, Teschelling Holland

                    Location Dance project


1996/97     “Zachte Nachten” Lisa Marcus Tour Europe




Education and training


2017-20   Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Art, NL

2015-17    School of Fine Arts KHL, NL

2006         Masterclass, “Legs on the Wall” Sydney, Australia

2005         Climbing instructor course, NKBV,NL

2001          Workshop Tango, New York, U.S.A.

1992-96    Dance Academy, Fontys Holland

1990-92    Theatre School, TVK, Amsterdam, NL

1985-89    Conservatory for Classical Dance,NL